China’s New National Standard Metal Container Cans Safety Standards Will Be Higher

Recently, on the official website of the National Standardization Administration of China, the new version of “General Technical Requirements for Canned Food Metal Containers” is soliciting comments. The new version puts forward new requirements for the appearance of metal cans and the integrity of the inner film coating.

Those with poor appearance are considered substandard products

For example, in terms of appearance, tin cans are required to meet the characteristics of beauty and no damage. In the production process, there are many situations such as large slump, jump seal, incomplete curling, sharp edge and quick mouth, etc., will be regarded as unqualified products.

Higher requirements for the integrity of the inner film coating of metal cans

Not only in terms of appearance, but also for metal inner film coating, there are many requirements. For example, by adding 2% sodium sulfate solution to the metal can, the integrity of the can coating film is tested. In addition, acid resistance, sulfur resistance and salt resistance tests are carried out. For the performance of the tank sealant, there are also strict standards. The tank is put into a glass container filled with water for testing to observe the tightness.

Overall, the new national standard “General Technical Requirements for Canned Food Metal Containers” puts forward more stringent requirements for metal canned food containers. Although the new national standard is a recommended standard, some large canned food manufacturers generally This implementation will be gradually regulated according to the new national standard. Therefore, it is certain that the safety of canned food will be improved in the future, and the common people will be more assured to eat.

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