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Epoxy Phenolic Coatings Characteristics Performance and Applications in Canned Food Packaging

Currently, the main types of coatings used for canned goods include epoxy phenolic coatings, epoxy amine coatings, organic solvent coatings, ethylene-based coatings, polyester coatings, acrylic coatings, and epoxy ester coatings. The characteristics of various resins, as well as the performance and applications of coatings produced from them, are briefly outlined below. Epoxy Phenolic Coatings: Epoxy […]

Global Trends in Tinplate Development: From Production Strategies to Environmental Innovations

(1) In major tinplate-producing nations worldwide, there is a general trend of no longer establishing new tinplate production units, including those for Tin-Free Steel (TFS). However, developing countries, particularly China, are still in the process of constructing new production lines, experiencing rapid growth. TFS products offer lower production costs and contribute to the conservation of […]

Epoxy Ester Coatings: Versatile and Durable Solutions for Can Protection

Epoxy Esters Coatings Epoxy ester resin is a product obtained through the esterification process of vegetable oil and epoxy resin. This resin imparts good flexibility and color to coatings. Epoxy ester coatings are primarily used for post-printing varnishing. They are suitable for a wide range of products, including tinplate cans, deep-drawn tins, twist-off caps, crown […]

Revolutionizing Beverage Can Manufacturing: Thin Materials, Unified Alloys, and Sustainability

With the intensifying competition in the beverage packaging market, reducing the thickness of materials, minimizing wall thickness, reducing costs, improving material utilization, facilitating recycling and convenience of use have become important goals for many can manufacturing companies. One of the key aspects of cost reduction in the production of aluminum cans is reducing the thickness […]

Aluminum Packaging Industry: Global Growth and China’s Rapid Development

China’s metal container manufacturing industry has strong equipment capabilities. Since the large-scale expansion of production lines in 1995, the production of metal container products has generally exceeded demand. The origin of the beverage can is the United States, which is also the largest producer and consumer of beverage cans globally. In 2005, the aluminum beverage […]

Diversified Development and Market Trends of Packaging Materials

The main packaging materials include glass, paper, aluminum, steel, plastic, and paper-plastic composite containers. Due to their own characteristics and advantages, they have all undergone significant development in recent years, showing a trend of diversified development. Beverages: In the beverage market, plastic containers are used the most in most countries. From a global perspective, PET […]

The Manufacturing Process and Material Requirements for High-Quality Aluminum Cans

Can manufacturers have strict requirements for the quality of aluminum material. Not only must the internal quality be good with optimized chemical composition, low gas and slag content, but also the material must have good deep drawing performance, low ear-making rate (material anisotropy), and small thickness tolerances, good plate shape, and excellent surface quality. The […]

Characters of Food in Metal Canning Supplies Container

Canned food generally undergoes initial treatment and cooking of raw materials, so it is more convenient to eat. The canned food is exhausted and sealed to isolate the food in the can from the outside world, avoiding the influence of external conditions on the food, preventing the action of microorganisms in the air, and facilitating […]

Raw Materials for Metal Cans and Containers – China Tinplate Introduction

Electroplated tin-plated steel sheet (hereinafter referred to as tinplate or tinplate) is widely used because of its suitable strength, excellent weldability and punchability of the substrate, good corrosion resistance of the surface coating, and easy coating and printing. Food packaging is also used in the packaging of sprays, chemicals, paints and other items in various […]