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Bpa-free Epoxy Coating Valpure® V70: Safety Meets High Performance

Valspar, the world’s leading supplier of packaging coatings, won the Metpack 2017 Innovation Award Bronze Award for its innovative product, valPure® V70, an innovative BPA-free epoxy coating series that has been successfully developed over several years. Valpure is a family brand of products that Valspar calls “the next generation of high-performance BPA-free coatings”, covering three […]

Two-piece Can Ten-color Keyless Inking Printing System

With the landmark two-piece beverage can printing system CS MetalCan, KBA-MetalPrint GmbH, the market leader in printing and coating iron equipment and ovens, has won the MetPack 2017 Innovation Award Silver Award, while also breaking the field A situation dominated by companies such as Stolle and Unimaq for a long time. Together with the pin […]

Canned Luncheon Meat: Sealed Taste Memories

The source of canned lunch meat is in the United Kingdom and the United States. Luncheon meat is the translation of the English “Luncheon meats”. In the United Kingdom and the United States, it refers to cold cuts of meat used in cold cuts such as cocktail parties and cold dinner parties, such as various […]

Development and Application Exploration of Easy-tear Lid Heat-sealing Adhesive Technology

With the continuous development of the social economy, consumers have put forward higher requirements for the convenience, safety and aesthetics of food packaging, which makes the application of new packaging including easy-tear covers increasingly widespread. As a new type of cover film packaging, the easy-tear cover has the advantages of safety and hygiene, beautiful appearance […]

The Ultimate Recycling of Tin Cans

In the past few months, thyssenkrupp Rasselstein, a subsidiary of Germany’s thyssenkrupp Steel Europe and one of the three major steel production giants in Europe, and Swiss packaging supplier Hoffmann Neopac have successively released news, as two As a result of a pilot project jointly carried out by the authors, the tin-plated iron used in […]

The Breakthrough of Coated Iron Can Technology Brings More Possibilities

As we all know, metal coated materials including coated iron and coated aluminum are not only more in line with the national environmental protection policy, but also meet the requirements of the continuous improvement of the technical level of metal packaging products, giving metal packaging the ever-changing changes. At the same time, in the Japanese […]

Special Effect Metal Printing

Differentiation is one of the effective ways to avoid homogeneous competition. As far as the packaging and printing industry is concerned, the use of coatings or inks to achieve product differentiation is one of the most direct and effective methods. Special coatings and inks such as hammer pattern, wrinkle, mottled pattern, stone pattern, wood grain, […]

Production Cost of Tinplate Cans/metal Cans

In order to do business, a tin packaging canmaking factory not only needs to make full efforts in promotion and marketing, but also needs to be very familiar with tinplate cans and tin box products. In order to better discuss the technology, quality and service of tin box packaging products according to customer needs, and […]

Influencing Factors and Solutions of Metal Printing Uv Ink Adhesion

With the development of science and technology, metal printing technology has made considerable progress. The biggest breakthrough in recent years is the introduction and successful practice of UV curing technology that has been maturely applied in the field of paper printing. Compared with traditional heat-curable inks, UV printing has the advantages of low energy consumption, […]