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Special Effect Metal Printing

Differentiation is one of the effective ways to avoid homogeneous competition. As far as the packaging and printing industry is concerned, the use of coatings or inks to achieve product differentiation is one of the most direct and effective methods. Special coatings and inks such as hammer pattern, wrinkle, mottled pattern, stone pattern, wood grain, […]

Production Cost of Tinplate Cans/metal Cans

In order to do business, a tin packaging canmaking factory not only needs to make full efforts in promotion and marketing, but also needs to be very familiar with tinplate cans and tin box products. In order to better discuss the technology, quality and service of tin box packaging products according to customer needs, and […]

Influencing Factors and Solutions of Metal Printing Uv Ink Adhesion

With the development of science and technology, metal printing technology has made considerable progress. The biggest breakthrough in recent years is the introduction and successful practice of UV curing technology that has been maturely applied in the field of paper printing. Compared with traditional heat-curable inks, UV printing has the advantages of low energy consumption, […]

Control Factors to Reduce the Cost of Tinplate Cans

At this stage, many can-making companies stray into the misunderstanding of low-price pursuit in purchasing iron materials. In fact, the real cost reduction is mainly to start with the basic materials of printed iron cans. In the process of cost control, we should pay close attention to the development trend and reasonable use of canning […]

Factors Affecting Double Hemming

The main factors affecting double curling are as follows: 1.Appropriate sealing pressure During the rotation of the can body, the rolling force P of the roller groove at the junction with the can lid is the combination of the radial force Pr, the axial force Pa and the tangential force Pt in three different directions. […]

Operation Status of China’s Metal Packaging Industry in 2021

In 2020, due to the overall decline of the entire industry due to the epidemic, the areas of aluminum beverage beer cans, milk powder cans, canned food and easy-open lids are still growing against the trend to varying degrees. Benefit from my country’s continuous implementation of the green and low-carbon cycle and the increase in […]