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Diversified Development and Market Trends of Packaging Materials

The main packaging materials include glass, paper, aluminum, steel, plastic, and paper-plastic composite containers. Due to their own characteristics and advantages, they have all undergone significant development in recent years, showing a trend of diversified development. Beverages: In the beverage market, plastic containers are used the most in most countries. From a global perspective, PET […]

The Manufacturing Process and Material Requirements for High-Quality Aluminum Cans

Can manufacturers have strict requirements for the quality of aluminum material. Not only must the internal quality be good with optimized chemical composition, low gas and slag content, but also the material must have good deep drawing performance, low ear-making rate (material anisotropy), and small thickness tolerances, good plate shape, and excellent surface quality. The […]

Characters of Food in Metal Canning Supplies Container

Canned food generally undergoes initial treatment and cooking of raw materials, so it is more convenient to eat. The canned food is exhausted and sealed to isolate the food in the can from the outside world, avoiding the influence of external conditions on the food, preventing the action of microorganisms in the air, and facilitating […]

Raw Materials for Metal Cans and Containers – China Tinplate Introduction

Electroplated tin-plated steel sheet (hereinafter referred to as tinplate or tinplate) is widely used because of its suitable strength, excellent weldability and punchability of the substrate, good corrosion resistance of the surface coating, and easy coating and printing. Food packaging is also used in the packaging of sprays, chemicals, paints and other items in various […]

Metal Can Container Raw Material – Performance of Tinplate

1. Material properties (1) The degree of quenching and tempering (expressed by surface Rockwell hardness HR30T) represents the mechanical properties of the material with the degree of quenching and tempering. Under the same manufacturing conditions, it better represents the material properties, but in the annealing process (continuous annealing or bell type When annealing) is different, […]

Oversupply Domestic Two-piece Aluminum Cans Hit a New Low

According to a research report released by China Securities Research and Development Department in May this year, the output of two-piece aluminum cans in my country will reach 38 billion cans in 2021. According to the annual growth rate of 8%, it is estimated that the annual output in 2022 will reach 41 billion. Can. […]

Global Aluminum Aerosol Can Production Bucked the Trend and Increased to 5.5 Billion

Bonus points for functionality and sustainability, global aluminum aerosol can production bucked the trend and increased to 5.5 billion. Economic and political issues did not adversely affect the 2016 performance of the International Association of Aluminum Aerosol Can Manufacturers (Aerobal) corporate members. According to a new report by the association, the global aluminum aerosol can […]

China’s New National Standard Metal Container Cans Safety Standards Will Be Higher

Recently, on the official website of the National Standardization Administration of China, the new version of “General Technical Requirements for Canned Food Metal Containers” is soliciting comments. The new version puts forward new requirements for the appearance of metal cans and the integrity of the inner film coating. Those with poor appearance are considered substandard […]

Bpa-free Epoxy Coating Valpure® V70: Safety Meets High Performance

Valspar, the world’s leading supplier of packaging coatings, won the Metpack 2017 Innovation Award Bronze Award for its innovative product, valPure® V70, an innovative BPA-free epoxy coating series that has been successfully developed over several years. Valpure is a family brand of products that Valspar calls “the next generation of high-performance BPA-free coatings”, covering three […]