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What are the functions of tinplate inner coating?

What are the functions of tinplate inner coating? (-) Coating purpose and requirements Tinned plate, chrome plated and aluminum alloy thin plate made of cans are susceptible to corrosion and cause the contents to deteriorate. Therefore, most food cans require coatings inside the cans. Different food cans have different coating requirements. Purpose of coating (1) […]

Tips for making tinplate lids

Tips for making tinplate lids The selection of can lids making equipment should first consider product specifications, output scale, quality requirements, followed by is equipment costs, labor costs, operating costs, plant conditions and other factors. Generally speaking, for the production of metal covers with few specifications and varieties, large output, and high quality requirements, equipment […]

How much do you know about tinplate cans?

(1) Classification by material Can be divided into two major categories of steel and aluminum. The steel series mainly includes low-carbon thin steel plate, tin-plated thin steel plate, chrome-plated thin steel plate, aluminized thin steel plate, galvanized thin steel plate, etc .; the aluminum series mainly includes aluminum alloy thin plate and aluminum foil. (2) […]

Which materials are better for the packaging of tea tin cans?

In the tea market, tinplate cans are what consumers are most keen on, so which materials are better? We understand from the following points. Main properties of metal packaging materials (1) Advantages ①The metal packaging material has high strength. Therefore, the wall thickness of the packaging container can be very thin, so that the weight […]

Why do biscuits generally use tinplate cans?

People’s life and production are inseparable from packaging, because packaging has multiple functions. Why do biscuits generally use tinplate cans? Can we understand from the following aspects? (1) Protection function. The protection function of the packaging is the most basic and the most important function. It should protect the product from damage and loss. In the circulation process […]

How to choose canning machine and sealing machine?

How to choose canning machine and sealing machine? (1) Technical requirements for selecting canning equipment ① Whether the sealed tank is an empty tank (open top tank) or a solid tank. ② The shape of the sealed can body and lid. ③ The annual output of the tank (and converted into shift output or output […]

   Factors affecting the quality of can making

Factors affecting the quality of can making There are many factors that affect the quality of empty tanks. The quality of materials (including all raw and auxiliary materials), the equipment status and working conditions of each process, as well as the technical level of operators and packaging and transportation have a great impact. (1) Influence […]

Tin can making machine price? China tin can making machine price in 2020?

To understand the price of canning equipment, first we need to know what specific canning equipment is required for a complete canning production line. Let us briefly understand the specific equipment. Three-piece can production line equipment classification: Three-piece can production line manufacturing equipment is divided into cutting equipment, forming welding equipment, drying equipment, rolling equipment, […]

What is the price of aluminum beverage can? What is the difference between aluminum beverage can and tin can?

When it comes to packaging, people have given different connotations. In the past, people thought that packaging was the use of appliances to contain items, or the operation of wrapping and bundling items, which merely played a role of accommodating items and facilitating access. This understanding is obviously one-sided. Now people have given a broader […]