Which materials are better for the packaging of tea tin cans?

In the tea market, tinplate cans are what consumers are most keen on, so which materials are better? We understand from the following points.

Main properties of metal packaging materials

(1) Advantages

①The metal packaging material has high strength. Therefore, the wall thickness of the packaging container can be very thin, so that the weight is light, the strength is high, and it is not easy to be damaged.

For storage and transportation, it has good protection for commodities.

②The metal packaging material has an unique luster, which is convenient for printing and decoration, and makes the appearance of the product beautiful and gorgeous. In addition, metal foil and gold-plated film are ideal trademark materials.

③Metal packaging materials have good comprehensive protection performance. Metals have low permeability to water and gas, and are opaque, which can effectively avoid harmful effects such as ultraviolet rays. It has good comprehensive performance and can maintain the quality of the goods for a long time.Some packages are valid for up to two years.

④ Metal packaging materials are rich in resources and have good processing performance. The recoverable amount of steel on the earth is 1294 × 10 ° t, ranking first, followed by aluminum, which is 68 × 10 ° t. Metal packaging materials can be processed with different methods to produce containers of different shapes and sizes.

⑤The production of metal cans has a long history and the process is relatively mature. Now it has automated production and high production efficiency.

2) Disadvantages

①Pb and As in metals and solder easily penetrate into food and contaminate food; in addition, metal ions will also affect the flavor of food.

②When the metal container uses phenolic resin as the inner wall coating, if the processing technology is improper, it will also affect the quality of the food.

Main properties of several major types of metal packaging materials

(1) Steel

With rich steel resources and low production costs, it ranks first in metal packaging materials. The main properties of steel used as packaging materials are good comprehensive mechanical properties and certain corrosion resistance. In order to meet the requirements of comprehensive mechanical performance, the packaging steel plate mainly uses low-carbon thin steel plate, which is used to manufacture containers, ordinary steel drums, and can also be used as a strapping material, which is widely used in transportation packaging. In order to ensure the requirements of corrosion resistance, tin, chrome, aluminum, galvanization and the application of corresponding coatings can be carried out on the basis of low-carbon thin steel plates to improve their corrosion resistance. Can also be made into sales packaging containers, widely used in food, medicine and other packaging


Which materials are better for the packaging of tea tin cans?

Which materials are better for the packaging of tea tin cans?

What is the price of aluminum beverage can? What is the difference between aluminum beverage can and tin can?

When it comes to packaging, people have given different connotations. In the past, people thought that packaging was the use of appliances to contain items, or the operation of wrapping and bundling items, which merely played a role of accommodating items and facilitating access. This understanding is obviously one-sided. Now people have given a broader meaning to packaging. From a systemic point of view, it links the purpose, requirements, constituent elements, functions, and practical operations of packaging to form a complete concept.


The use of aluminum packaging materials has a short history, but because aluminum has its own unique characteristics, it has gradually increased as a food packaging material. The amount of aluminum used in aluminum foils, tubes and containers in China accounts for 2% of aluminum production. The main properties of aluminum are light weight, non-toxic, tasteless, beautiful, good processing performance, and shiny surface. In addition, because a dense alumina film can be formed on the surface of aluminum, it can effectively isolate the contact between aluminum and oxygen, and prevent further oxidation of the aluminum surface. However, it is corrosive in acid and alkali salt media, so almost all aluminum containers are used after spraying. Its strength is lower than steel, and its production cost is higher than steel, which is about five times that of steel. Therefore, aluminum is mainly used for sales packaging. For example, aluminum cans are mainly used for packaging of aerated drinks with a certain internal pressure. A small amount is used for transportation packaging.

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What is the difference between aluminum beverage can and tin can?

Iron cans and aluminum cans are currently widely used, each with its own advantages.Z、 However, the current market for tin cans is more popular and advantageous.

The cans are made of aluminum alloy, and the inner wall is coated with some organic coating to isolate the aluminum alloy from the beverage. During the processing, it is inevitable that the protective coating is not applied or is too thin, so that the aluminum alloy on the inner wall of the can comes into contact with the beverage. The aluminum element gradually dissolves in it, especially when the can is filled with acidic or alkaline beverages.

Canned beverages should not be used often and often, especially children with strong growth and poor elderly excretory function, it is better to drink less. Refining aluminum cans can cause pollution. Aluminum cans are passivated and cannot be dissolved by ordinary weak acids.

Aluminum cans are generally coated with a protective layer on the inner wall. Acid substances generally do not erode aluminum cans during the shelf life, but if the shelf life has passed, it may not be necessary. If it is stored for too long, an acidic substance reacts with aluminum to cause aluminum ions to enter the beverage in large quantities. Aluminum will accumulate too much in the body, which will cause Alzheimer’s disease.

What is the price of aluminum beverage can? What is the difference between aluminum beverage can and tin can?

What is the price of aluminum beverage can? What is the difference between aluminum beverage can and tin can?