Bpa-free Epoxy Coating Valpure® V70: Safety Meets High Performance

Valspar, the world’s leading supplier of packaging coatings, won the Metpack 2017 Innovation Award Bronze Award for its innovative product, valPure® V70, an innovative BPA-free epoxy coating series that has been successfully developed over several years.

Valpure is a family brand of products that Valspar calls “the next generation of high-performance BPA-free coatings”, covering three categories: BPA-free polyester coatings, BPA-free acrylic coatings, and BPA-free epoxy coatings. In February of this year, the WeChat public account “Tan Yan Gai Yu” reported that Seneca Foods, a North American canned fruit and vegetable leader, printed Valspar’s BPA-free coating on the front of the label of its popular Libby’s® brand of canned vegetables. The logo of the technology valPure® has been confirmed by the author and Valspar Company that this paint is one of the BPA-free polyester paints.

valPure® V70: BPA-free with the performance benefits of epoxy coatings. Valspar says that as the company’s latest BPA-free solution for all lightweight metal packaging, valPure® V70, a BPA-free epoxy coating series, represents the future of epoxy coatings for lightweight metal packaging: not only epoxy coatings in Advantages in food safety and protection, and provide brand users and consumers with the choice they need.

Epoxy coatings have long been used for their benefits in performance, manufacturability and brand protection. valPure® V70 is a series of coatings developed based on the bisphenol A-free epoxy resin platform, which has the performance advantages of traditional epoxy coatings that users are accustomed to.

Valspar says the valPure® V70 series has undergone more stringent development and safety testing standards than international regulatory bodies. The company’s product development framework, Safety by Design, is modeled on the safety assessment of preclinical development of pharmaceutical products, emphasizing the safety of food packaging and compliance with international regulations, and providing unprecedented and promising coatings solution.

The valPure V70 range, which combines safety and performance benefits, is said to have been approved by international regulatory agencies for use in food, beverage and household products, suitable for adults and children alike.

It is reported that the valPure V70 has been used in the North American market such as the United States, and is now being tested in the European market.