“Cold Printing” Green LEDs Are Cured and Dried, Reducing Energy Consumption by Up to 93%

Although PrintabLED, an Italian UV printing and coating LED curing system supplier, is an industry rookie that has been established for less than 6 years, it is the crystallization of more than 30 years of industry experience of the two partners. In 2011, Mr. Massimiliano Dal Pont, together with SERIGRAFIA 76, a large screen printing company in Europe, jointly established a company with the same name as the product for the launch of the PrintabLED® UV printing and coating LED curing and drying equipment project. The former is the major shareholder of Dal Pont Engineering Co., Ltd., which has a 20-year history in the design, R&D, and production of printing machinery suitable for various materials, while the latter has been rooted in the field of automotive screen printing for more than 35 years.

Product manager Patieck Montali summed up the advantages of PrintabLED to the author as follows.

Energy consumption is reduced by up to 87%~93% Because the power of the LED lamps used in the PrintabLED curing system is less than one-third of the traditional UV lamps, the energy consumption can be reduced by up to 87%~93%.

It is reported that the curing system has two options of narrow radiation spectrum lamps, one is a high-power Q lamp (16W), which is suitable for ultra-high-speed printing and curing, and is generally installed at the end of the production line. The other is a medium-power LP lamp, suitable for high-speed partial curing and drying, or low-speed complete drying, generally installed between printing units.

High power Q lamp
Figure 1 High power Q lamp (16W)

Medium power LP tube
Figure 2 Medium power LP tube

Cold Printing is attributed to the patented solution for extracting heat from the LED chip, such as the integration of a small cooling system, which makes the energy-to-temperature ratio the highest on the current market, it is said that “the difference in sheet temperature before and after curing and drying” only 0.5°C”. This is very beneficial for the printing of heat-sensitive materials, and completely eliminates the problem of overprinting caused by thermal expansion.

Environmentally friendly Another advantage of the narrow radiation spectrum lamps is that the CO2 emissions are significantly reduced, the ozone emissions are zero, the harmful ultraviolet UVC radiation is completely eliminated, and the noise of the working environment is reduced.

Modular construction makes installation easy Whether it’s a new installation or a retrofit of an old one, the modular PrintabLED system can be custom designed to integrate into a specific piece of equipment or application.