How Are Tinplate Boxes Made?

Tinplate boxes are a packaging alternative to plastic boxes. It is naturally degradable and environmentally friendly, unlike plastic boxes that pollute the environment; this tinplate box provides many new business opportunities. How are they made? How can they become additional sales tools?

Manufacturing of tinplate boxes
The main materials of tinplate boxes are steel and tin. Therefore, this material is completely natural and recyclable. Tinplate is obtained by converting iron ore into tinplate. These tin-plated iron sheets then undergo various processing techniques until the iron plates used to make tinplate boxes are obtained. The iron sheet is first plated with tin and then wound into a roll; these heavy spools are the material for making tinplate boxes, and can be shaped to the required thickness in the tinplate factory according to the needs of customers. The tinplate on the reel is ordered according to the order.

Tinplate and the environment
Tinplate boxes are products made from completely natural raw materials. Therefore it is biodegradable naturally. Its environmental friendliness is unmatched by plastics. Whether it is produced or used, plastic bags have a very negative impact on the environment. It is for this reason that regulations allow the phasing out of plastics for packaging and commercial packaging.
On the contrary, tinplate boxes are recyclable and biodegradable. Its manufacturing process is less harmful to the ecosystem, and the recyclability of tinplate boxes is very important: it is part of a benign environment because it can be remanufactured after recycling.
The last aspect is very important, because the water consumption of tinplate boxes is 6 times lower than that of plastic boxes.
Regarding environmental impact, it is ideal to use certified tinplate. The label certifies that tinplate production complies with the principles of sustainable development. Therefore, the production of tinplate can be fully integrated into ecological methods. This is not a simple demonstration, but a real consideration of the impact of human consumption on ecology and climate change. Some tinplate box manufacturing plants also benefit from the recognized low environmental impact label (ISO 14001 environmental management). These manufacturing units comply with relevant ecological management standards at all stages of tinplate box design.

Reliability and stress resistance of tinplate boxes
Tinplate boxes are also called “tinned tin boxes”. Some people think it is not as durable as most plastic bags, these are prejudices. The tinplate box actually has a good seal, good extensibility and good pressure resistance. Plastic boxes and cartons do not have these advantages. Now, especially in the holiday gift packaging industry, most gift manufacturers choose tinplate packaging boxes, because they have good metallic luster, exquisite printing, and appear to be more upscale.
The only real “weakness” of the tinplate box is that when the coating is damaged, it reacts chemically with the surrounding water and oxygen, which makes it easy to rust. But in terms of resistance to weight, it is just the opposite! Many heavy material manufacturers also choose tinplate.
The tinplate box can also be made into a form with a handle; the shape of the tinplate box tends to be decisive for the content. Some models with flat handles can support up to 15 kg of cargo. These are reusable and can be used for a considerable period of time.

How to choose the right tinplate box?
According to the needs of you and your customers, there are many possibilities for personalized manufacturing.
What color is the tinplate box?
Usually the color of the printed image is customized. This is indeed one of the possibilities of completion. But it is far from the only one. Tinplate boxes allow all requirements in terms of color. Some models provide variations and the manufacturing process allows transparent windows to be included to make the content visible. This option is especially suitable for gift boxes. You can also choose: galvanized iron gift box, frosted iron gift box, etc.
There are various innovations in all colors, holiday prints, and appearance of tinplate gift boxes. The important thing is to make the right choice for the product you are marketing. Some products are very suitable for red sober. Other products will be more valued because of the exquisite packaging. For example, this is the case with mooncake tin boxes.

What are the options for custom tinplate boxes?
Printing the pattern of your design is a decisive and personalized option. Each tinplate box itself becomes an advertising tool. 3D laser embossing printing more unique tinplate boxes or simple printing personalized patterns: the choice is yours.
The tinplate box is marked with your brand logo and specific mark; make the most consistent decision on the type of product sold. You can include text, addresses, and phrases that represent you. The possibilities are endless. Here, you can also diversify your tinplate box packaging and adapt it to your customers.
The ideal printing method for tinplate boxes is to choose water-based ink and four-color printing process. They are recyclable and reusable, and meet environmental protection requirements. You will be able to choose the number of colors to use to achieve the level of personalization and quality you want.

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