How Much is Tinplate? 2020 Tinplate Price List

“Tin-plated sheet steel, referred to as tin plate”, commonly known as tinplate, is a low-carbon thin steel plate coated with pure tin on both sides. Tin-plated by hot-dip process is called hot-dip tin-plated plate, and tin-plated by electro-plating process is called tin-plated plate . Mainly used as packaging material for canned food.

I.Tin plate structure and main production process

Tin plate structure consists of steel substrate, tin-iron alloy layer, tin layer, oxide film and oil film.

Composition (see Figure 11). The thickness, composition and performance characteristics of each component are shown in the table.

Figure 1-1 Sectional view of tin plate
Figure 1-1 Sectional view of tin plate
1—steel substrate 2—tin-iron alloy layer 3—tin layer
4 oxide film 5 oil film
The main production process of tin plate (see Figure 1-2).
Low carbon steel → hot rolling → slab → hot rolling → strip steel → pickling and cold rolling → electrolytic cleaning → annealing → flattening → trimming
→ Electrolytic cleaning → Pickling → Plating tin → Reflowing → Passivation → Processing oiling → Inspection → Shearing → Classification → Packaging → Plating tin plate → Shearing → Pickling → Flux treatment → Hot dip tin → Cooling → Cleaning → Inspection Classification → Packaging → Hot Dip Tin Plate
Figure 1-2 Main production process of tin plate

The price of tinplate in 2019 increased by 25.45% year-on-year. The price of tinplate (using Shanghai 0.5mm cold-rolled coil) started at the highest price of 6,120 yuan / ton in 2010, and fell unilaterally to 2690 yuan / ton in December 2019, a decrease of 56%. With the increase of environmental protection and production capacity, the price of tinplate began to pick up. The average price in 2019 reached 4,816 yuan / ton, a year-on-year increase of 25.45%. The price before the deadline (January 17, 2019) was 5,100 yuan / ton.

Cold rolled steel coil 0.5mm since 2010: Shanghai price trend (yuan / ton)
Quarterly average price of tinplate since 2014
Quarterly average price of tinplate since 2014
It is expected that the performance in 2020 is expected to regain growth momentum. In Q1, Q2 and Q3 of 2017, the year-on-year increase in tinplate prices was 52.33%, 11.28% and 33.56%.