Operation Status of China’s Metal Packaging Industry in 2021

In 2020, due to the overall decline of the entire industry due to the epidemic, the areas of aluminum beverage beer cans, milk powder cans, canned food and easy-open lids are still growing against the trend to varying degrees. Benefit from my country’s continuous implementation of the green and low-carbon cycle and the increase in beer canning rate and
the demand for materials and the increased volume of home consumption culture, the demand for two-piece cans has steadily increased, the supply-demand relationship has continued, and some foreign brands have withdrawn from the market, leading companies have merged and integrated, and the competition situation has continued to improve (CR4 reached 70%.), 2 The continuous growth of the aluminum cans and beer beverage market has been affected by the foreign epidemic, and foreign milk powder cannot be imported.In addition, milk powder is beneficial to enhance immunity and promote health. The demand for domestic milk powder has grown rapidly, which has benefited from the epidemic and unexpectedly increased. The second subdivision area of volume;

The third growth segment is canned convenience foods such as eight-treasure porridge, luncheon meat, fruits and vegetables, fish, etc. The export and domestic sales are booming. In addition, at present, there are more and more domestic cover enterprises, showing a large-scale and professional development trend head. Guangdong Yinglian and Xiamen Baofeng aluminum cover, Zhejiang Yiniao and Changhong iron cover, Wuxi Huapeng and Shandong Global’s unscrewed cover, Shanghai Ziquan crown cover, Shandong Lipeng anti-theft cover, etc., showing a stable development trend. The newly developed is more convenient, opening the aluminum full-open lid with safety edge, transparent retort-resistant easy-to-tear lid, screw-open crown lid with thread, various customized squares, horseshoes, ellipses and other personalized easy-pull (tear-off) ) Cover, greatly enriched products, prospered the market, and replaced imports, promoted and promoted the development of metal packaging. The overall development of the cover market in 2020 is relatively good, showing a growth trend and the impact of the epidemic is minimal.

The three-piece beverage cans are most affected by the epidemic, and the relatively slow recovery is the aerosol cans and chemical cans. Affected by the epidemic, the three-piece beverage cans have endured the test of cliff-like decline and stagnation under the influence of team dinners, group consumption, and tourism consumption. Data show that in 2020, it will drop by more than 20% year-on-year. With the recovery of consumption after the epidemic, beverages, as basic consumption, have the strongest ability to resist risks. At present, it is the first to get out of stagnation and resume growth. The first four months of three-piece beverage cans in 2021 are basically the same as the same period in 2019. Aerosol cans belong to the modern consumer goods on the smallpox, and a large proportion of chemical cans are used for engineering construction. At present, the recovery process affected by the epidemic is inferior to beverages and food, and the pressure of competition continues to increase, which has become a real challenge in 2021. It is believed that resources will be tilted toward leading companies and will be the first to resume growth. Miscellaneous cans have slightly declined due to the epidemic, and will begin to show an increasing trend in 2021.

The influence of iron and aluminum materials on the industry continues to increase. On the one hand, with the improvement of other performance requirements such as tinplate and aluminum thinning, stretching, corrosion resistance, surface decoration, etc., the selection of metal packaging materials is biased towards enterprises in the whole industry chain; on the other hand, iron and aluminum enterprises increase the national market With the integration of production capacity and the continuous improvement of concentration, the demand for metal packaging materials for cans, lids and barrels enterprises is more inclined to solutions and their reliance has increased. The data shows that the apparent consumption of tinplate in 2020 is 510 tons (including export), a year-on-year decline. The apparent consumption of aluminum was 1.5 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 6%. It is expected that as the concentration of iron and aluminum enterprises increases in the future, the market position will become more prominent.