Oversupply Domestic Two-piece Aluminum Cans Hit a New Low

According to a research report released by China Securities Research and Development Department in May this year, the output of two-piece aluminum cans in my country will reach 38 billion cans in 2021. According to the annual growth rate of 8%, it is estimated that the annual output in 2022 will reach 41 billion. Can.

The report pointed out that due to severe overcapacity and an extremely fierce price war, the unit price of two aluminum cans has been declining in the past few years, and will drop to a record low in 2022.

The report believes that with the intensification of industry consolidation, it will help to improve the existing competition pattern in the metal packaging industry, and the price of two-piece cans can be expected to bottom out.

However, the process may seem a little long now. According to the “Securities Times” report, Baosteel Packaging recently stated on the interactive platform that the current metal packaging two-piece can industry is still in a situation of oversupply, fierce competition in the industry, and the unit price of products has not been fundamentally reversed, and steel, aluminum, etc. The large fluctuations in commodity prices have brought greater pressure to the company’s operations. The company has made a lot of improvement measures from the four aspects of the sales side, the purchasing side, the manufacturing side and the expense side to ensure the company’s operating performance.