The Transformation of Traditional Manual Punch Enterprises is Imminent

Every industry is divided into 28%, 20% of the enterprises occupy, 80% of the market and profits, and 80% of small enterprises, rushing to grab the remaining 2% ten.

Today, we will not talk about leading companies, but only the status quo of small companies.

Relying on the advantages of capital, the leading enterprises used automatic equipment early, eliminated the traditional manual punching machine, and resolved various disadvantages brought by rising costs by virtue of their own advantages.

Small businesses have no capital advantage and no talent advantage. Traditional hand punching machines earn meager profits from hard work.

They want to use equipment and recruit talents, but their own conditions do not allow it. Take a Minghuang manipulator as an example, a single machine is more than 30,000, and a production line needs 4-5 units, which can replace the workload of 5 people. A production line plus punches, molds, etc., is close to more than 200,000.

For small businesses, this is close to half a year or even a full year of profit. If there is any error in the equipment, it is very likely that the capital chain will break. Opportunities to expand your business.

The cost of enterprises is rising and the market tends to be saturated. In order to survive, the market is constantly conducting vicious competition, which makes the living environment of enterprises even worse.

At this time, industrial intelligence began to sprout. With strong, stable and fast productivity, a lot of labor costs were reduced, and some profit margins were freed up. Small enterprises that have freed up smart equipment have strong and stable productivity, and further squeeze has long been saturated. The supply of the market exceeds the demand, and the price will naturally drop, making the already fiercely competitive market even more red sea.

By this time, it is no longer a competition between enterprises, but a competition between enterprises representing intelligence and traditional handicraft industries.

Things must rot first and then grow by themselves. Intelligence has occupied the balance of victory since birth. Traditional handicrafts will not die out. They will have some markets, like Pinduoduo, but most enterprises with slow transformation will disappear. The market has been sublimated and can no longer accommodate so many companies.

For companies that are still relying on traditional manual punching machines, the transformation is imminent. You don’t need to be faster than the times, you must be faster than your peers, and one step behind him, he will seize your future one step ahead.

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