Why Can Tinplate Cans Be So Popular in All Major Industries?

With the advancement of science and technology and the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s vision of pursuing new things is getting higher and higher. The outer packaging of items is no longer a way of thinking that you can pack things before. People are more inclined to the quality and beauty of the outer packaging of items. In order to adapt to the changes of the times, the design of the tin can is also very novel and unique, which can meet the requirements of each business.

Although the price of tinplate can packaging products is a bit more expensive than other packaging products (such as plastic products, wood products, paper products, glass products, etc.), they are cost-effective, high-quality, and elegant in appearance.

As iron can packaging containers to withstand various mechanical processing during the production process, they must adapt to the requirements of factory mechanization and automated production, while at the same time having high efficiency, stable quality, low cost and meeting the requirements of modern production management. The iron cans that have undergone mechanical processing will not only have strong rigidity, but also have enhanced sealing properties. Because iron itself is opaque, iron cans are the most reliable for storing food.

There are various printing styles and shapes of tin cans. It plays an important role in promoting product sales.

Gift industry: attract customers with unique and charming appearance and exquisite patterns, especially when giving gifts, gift packaging is very important, a simple detail can reflect one’s taste, so choosing customized gift packaging will let you The products are more attractive.

Tea industry: The storage requirements of tea are very high. It must be dry and not exposed to strong light. In short, it should be stored as little as possible in contact with the air, otherwise it will easily deteriorate due to moisture absorption. The reason why many tea manufacturers use tinplate cans for tea is because tins made of tinplate are not only rigid, but also tightly sealed, which can retain the fragrance of tea for a long time and prevent the tea from contacting moisture and oxygen in the air.

Snack food industry: Tinplate snack cans come in many shapes, such as square, round, special-shaped (heart-shaped, lip-shaped, spherical, car-shaped, oval, etc.). Usually, special-shaped snack packaging cans are the most attractive. Alien shapes are relatively rare in life, and they are rare and expensive. Therefore, the use of special-shaped iron cans for snack packaging can greatly increase sales.